Weekend sessions

Our children’s services are on Saturdays and sundays 10-3pm at the West Bridgford Young People Centre.

We provide dance, drama, music and creative therapies on a weekend basis 41 weeks a year (closing for Easter, Summer and Christmas). We currently run on a Saturday and Sunday. Our music and movement sessions for children actively promote turn taking, fine and gross motor skills, listening skills through game related activities and action based songs, with prop exploration also. In Dance, we promote our teens and adults to engage in choreography and create their own performances, alongside learning some techniques if they wish too. In Drama, individuals have the opportunity to learn social skills in ‘understanding the world’ drama pieces, alongside creating their own creative and imaginative drama pieces, alongside creating props. In Music, individuals have the opportunity to explore an array of instruments and create songs, rhythmic beats and more.

We use paired and group work to promote team building skills, relationships and leadership. We also use solo work to facilitate an individual’s sense of identity and independence. All of our sessions are fun based, with elements of learning and development embedded in the sessions. In all of our sessions, we can adapt the activities to suit individual needs and abilities and also provide sensory alternatives.

Accessing our services

We accept private and local authority referrals.

  • Nottinghamshire County Council – Short breaks and childcare services for disabled children and young people and their parents/carers.

Adult Services

On Friday’s we run our adult day service at the West Park Sport Pavilion, West Bridgford. We provide dance, drama, music and arts & crafts between 9am-3pm. Individuals can attend for the whole day or can choose to attend for a certain time (e.g. 10am-2pm). This service is for 18 year olds+, though for those individuals who are looking at social care providers, we offer transition days for Post-16 for a settling in period.

Accessing our services

We accept private and local authority referrals.

  • Nottinghamshire City Council Adult framework
  • Private referrals.

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