Our Aims


To provide an accessible and inclusive environment to support children, young people and adults with additional needs, disabilities and medical conditions to access and engage in high quality performing art opportunities.

To provide meaningful high quality regular performing arts sessions, activities and workshops using a person centred approach
To provide social inclusion through community events in the local community and on a national and global platform.

Our service users objectives

To enable our service users to engage and access the performing arts activities, alongside contributing towards the creative process to enable the, to develop their creative and developmental stages.

To provide excellent care and support to meet the assessed needs of each service user in an individualised approach, which is safe, compassionate and responsive.

To support our service users to develop their social, communication and emotional development, including transferable life skills within the performing arts

Our families objectives

To offer quality and meaningful respite that responds to and is flexible to the changing needs of complex situations to offer a supportive and understanding listening ear, including signposting to appropriate agencies to our families.

Our staff objectives

To offer our staff high quality training to ensure they have the knowledge and practical skills to support service users to access the sessions, activities and workshops.

To offer our staff regular CPD opportunities to meet our service users creative needs in an innovative approach.

Our values

Creative, Caring and Person Centred

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