FTM Dance Brexit statement


The decision made by the UK government because of the 2016 referendum to leave the European Union means that we must plan for the challenges that this decision brings.  To safeguard our business from uncertainty and risk, we have put into effect several measures which will ensure the strongest possible outcome for our company, our suppliers, our partners, and our service users as the break or transition away from EU membership takes place. Whilst assurances have been made by the Government regarding “Brexit”, it is impossible to predict the outcome. We have consulted with all our suppliers regarding impact studies, and contingency planning. We are also in talks with a number companies who can support us with any extra requirements relating to supply of essential equipment such as PPE, Transport and premises.  There has been a lot of speculation in the media about the possibility of congestion at British and EU ports in the immediate aftermath of Brexit. The speculation is based on the expected necessity for additional paperwork to be completed on goods transiting through the ports, the worst case scenario being that there could be limited movement of goods between the UK and the EU for the few months following the withdrawal. We are putting actions in place to ensure the availability of higher levels of stocks ensure adequate stocks are available and wherever possible, pricing is maintained.  We appreciate the anxiety felt by the business sector. Equally, within our own organisation wide ranging sections of our business will likely be affected by changes.  We hope that this statement answers the main concerns that you may have during this period of uncertainty. If you have additional queries or would like clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Director Leanne Evans

December 8th 2020



FTM Dance Brexit Impact and Risk Mitigation Plans



100% Staff are UK nationals

0% are EU (Non-UK)

Low Immediate Risk Due to low number of affected staff 0 No contingency required.


Cost of Product and availability

Product Origin 11% UK, 12% EU and 77% ROW

Vulnerable to pricing reviews from Suppliers

Exposed to further Sterling FX falls

Stock of essential supplies have been purchased as a contingency to mitigate the risk of hight cost and availability.



Director Leanne Evans

December 8th 2020