FTM Dance’s Online Content

FTM Dance - Warm-Up

Warm-Up Stretch 

Libby’s Circuit Training Workout 

Ballet Plies with Ellie (Sunday Dance 2-3pm)

Libby’s Zumba Routines

Zumba Routine - Magenta Riddim

Zumba Routine - Taki Taki

Zumba Routine - Jai Ho

Zumba Routine - Waka Waka

Zumba Routine - Advanced

Zumba Routine - Touchdown

Zumba Routine - General

Zumba Routine - General With FTM Group

Zumba Routine - Bandera With Prop

Zumba Routine - Timber

Zumba Routine - Pam Pam

Chair Zumba - Bandera

Chair Zumba - Fuego

Chair Zumba - Jai Ho

Chair Zumba - Taki Taki

Chair Zumba - Magenta Riddim

Libby’s Dance Routines

Old Town Road Routine Breakdown 

Old Town Road Routine With Verbal Prompts

Old Town Road Routine No Verbal Prompts

Ellie’s Zumba Routines

Zumba Routine - Waka Waka

Zumba Routine - Mami

Zumba Routine - Who Let The Dogs Out

Zumba Routine - I Like To Move it Move It

Chair Zumba- Luvumba 

Ellie’s Dance Routines

Dance Routine - Believer by Imagine Dragons 

Dance Routine - Believer (Verbal Prompts) 

Dance Routine - Don’t Let Me Down (Verbal Prompts) 

Dance Routine - Sorry (Verbal Prompts) 

Dance Routine - Beautiful People (Verbal Prompts) 

Dance Routine - Beautiful People

Dance Routine - All Star 

Tim’s Music 

Music Class

FTM Dance - Music And Movement 

FTM Dance - Sensory Activites and Stories 

Story Massage - Incy Wincy Spider

Story Massage - Teddy Goes To Bed 

Sensory Massage - Old McDonald 

FTM Dance - Cool Down and Yoga

Yoga With Libby & Ellie

FTM Dance - Arts and Crafts Activities

Art Video - Paper Tree

Art Video - Butterfly Painting

Art Video - Tree Painting

Art Video - Shape Making With Paper

Craft Video - How To Make Pom Poms

Craft Video - Making Salt Dough

FTM Dance Drama Games/Activities  

Drama Game - Happy, Sad and Angry