Our Approach to Coronavirus (COVID-19) School Summer Holidays

Preventative Measures

A body temperature monitor is available for use for monitoring of both service users and FTM personnel. Any persons with a temperature above 37.8°c will be classified as not fit and arrangements will be made for them to leave site and return home.

Personnel will then be required to self-isolate until testing can take place. Following a negative test, or the required period of self-isolation, personnel can then return to work.

At the start of each day, end of day and in between sessions, the studio environments are cleaned with all equipment individually cleaned and any materials used, for example in arts and crafts activities, will be either disposed of or removed from site.


Toilets with hand washing facilities will be provided at all locations. Separate facilities for FTM staff and service users will be in operation.

Personal Protection Equipment

Suitable PPE will be available. This includes goggles, visors, face masks, gloves, aprons and hair coverings. All clothing will be either disposable or multi use with suitable cleaning and maintenance regimes in place.

Social Distancing

Personnel are encouraged to maintain two-metre distance where possible. Due to the requirements of service users, a two-metre distance is not always practical, however, face-to-face contact will always be kept to a minimum with face masks worn.

Where possible, service users and support workers will be divided into smaller groups with both indoor and outdoor spaces utilised when circumstances permit.

Building Access

All premises are secured with authorised access only and designated entrances and exit will be utilised where possible.

During the summer school holidays general maintenance and repair will be taking place on the premises. Service users will be suitably segregated from these maintenance activities using secure access doors and barriers within corridors.

Leanne Evans – Managing Director